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Background Calendar

Set your calendar as your background wallpaper.

See where you have to go next at a glance.

Note: development has paused for this app

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"Brings g1 closer to business users by providing calendar on desktop like windows mobile does..." - D on Market

"... good solution to the lack of calendar widgets..." - W on Market

"I love this app. Now I dont have to open the calendar for just a quick view. Its there all the time on my background..." - P on Market


supported and known issues

phones and OS

This app was written to work on Android OS versions 1.1 and 1.5 (cupcake), but has not been updated to work on more recent builds.

known issues

For more recent unsupported Android OS builds, there may be update and force close issues.



1. Why do you need my username and password?
Are you going to do eeevil things with it?

Short answer: There's no other way to access your calendar info. No we're not going to do evil things!

Long answer: This app needs login credentials because it has to get the Google Calendar data via the GData API over the web. This is because Google hasn't exposed APIs to access the calendar data or the login service that they include on the phone. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get this info. Your password is stored encrypted and is only sent to Google via https so it should be as secure as it is for Google's own Gmail/Gcal apps on the phone.

2. I can't get it to work. What's wrong?

On an earlier version of this app, there's an Android API bug that sometimes makes you install it twice. The first time it won't look like it's working. So, install, run, reinstall, and you should be set. We've since worked around it.
(Ok, I did that and it still doesn't work)

Is the Calendar service button "On"? If it is, turn it off and save. Then go back, turn it on, and save again.
(Did that, nothing happened.)

On the Account settings, did you hit "Download calendars..."?
(Oh, that worked. Yay.)

3. I turned it off, but the calendar still shows up!

Set the background wallpaper to something else and you're good to go.


version updates


Supports landscape mode and is more robust wrt internet loss. (2/2009)


Fresh new UI, improved error handling, ability to change update frequency.


Ability to handle multiple calendars.


Initial version connects to Google calendars, built for Android OS v1.4. (11/2008)
v1.0.x: ability to connect to Google Apps calendars


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