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Flex Dialer Pro & Flex Dialer Lite

The Flex Dialer Android app routes outbound calls through a calling card or your Google Voice account. It directs through a phone system instead of the internet, so that it can be reliably done even when your data connection is slow or spotty. It can also be used to attach country or area codes to a number you're dialing.

Pro version: Find in Android Market - supports multiple phone profiles, convenient desktop widgets, as well as exclusion/inclusion number lists.

Lite version: Find in Android Market (free) - Supports just one profile and has an optional ad-supported widget.

Note: app formerly known as GV Dialer



"Couldn't live without this app. Google voice app plus this = win. If you don't get why you need this app then you don't understand Google voice." - Z on Market

"OK, this app is amazing when it comes to making GV calls ..." - S on Market

"Great money saving app..." - H on Market

"...I'm actually using it in china to add a fixed number before all outgoing calls. Its useful here to reduce the calling cost, like a calling card but without the need for pin etc ..." - C



L: All widget options    R: Pro widget in use


example dial patterns

A = number to attach. - GV number, calling card, or country/area code
B = PIN for calling card or GV. - For GV, set this up in the official site first!
* = if your phone is not listed in GV - though it should be
C = number you want to actually call

Recommended default pattern. For GV, first set up a PIN and list your phone as one of the phones in the official site.
If you don't have a PIN:

If your phone is not listed in Google Voice, but has a GV PIN. Will not work if your phone is listed in official GV app

G1 / TMobile version: A,B,2C#,   A,*B,2C#,

Skype To Go: A,2C#,

Sometimes you can add a pause to make things work better, especially if you have a longer voicemail message in GV
A,p,B,2C#,   Ap,2p,C#,   App*,Bp,2C#,   ApppBpp2ppC#p

Not all of the user-contributed patterns have been tested.
The commas are important. They put in the right amount of pause while dialing through the phone system.


supported and known issues

phones and OS

This app works on all current Android OS (1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 - cupcake to froyo) and HVGA/WVGA/QVGA phones (G1, Nexus One, Droid, Tattoo).

known issues

If you have both this and the official Google Voice app installed, you'll need to turn on only one at a time to handle phone calls properly. In Flex Dialer, this is the on/off button in the app or widget. In GV, go to Menu > Settings > Making calls > Do not use Google Voice to make any calls.



1. What if I don't have a pin?

Leave the pin field blank and change the pattern to "A, 2C#,". See more example dial patterns above.

2. Why do I hear my Google Voice greeting?

Because this routes through the phone system redial, the app automatically enters in your GV number and pin before dialing the number. It will take about 20 seconds before the number you dialed starts ringing.


major version updates



Added support for exclusion and inclusion number lists. (3/2010)
v1.2.0: added international dialing prefix option (4/2010)
v1.1.1: fixed some issues around number lists


Launch of Pro version. Supports multiple profiles, widget. (2/2010)



Rename to Flex Dialer Lite. New ad-supported widget. (2/2010)
v2.2.0: added international dialing prefix option (4/2010)
v2.1.5: changes default dial pattern to recommended default
v2.1.1-4: various bug fixes, including call log


Initial version, named GV Dialer. (10/2009)
v1.0.1-x: various bug fixes, including call log sync-ing

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