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Useful tools and games for your fancy phone.


games and stories

Kip and Kiki's Big Problem

A quirky and charming children's story book

Popcorn 2: Pop Pop Away!

Pop your way through multiple levels of fun

Pop Pop Popcorn

Pop the kernels of corn, but don't let them burn!


useful tools

Phone Widget

Quickly dial and text numbers from your home screen.

Flex Dialer, Pro & Lite

Reliably route your calls through your Google Voice account.

Speed Dial Old School

Call your favorites with a single number press. Just like old times. But with texting too.

Number Fixer

Forgot to add the area code to some numbers? Fix them all without getting RSI.


oldies but goodies

Tools created during the earlier days of Android.

Because these are utility apps, they rely heavily on exactly how Android OS works. With the many platform updates, we can't guarantee that these apps will work if you have the latest phone and OS. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Give it a whirl, they're free.

Background Calendar

Set your calendar as your wallpaper.

Shake Awake

Wake your phone up in the middle of a call just by moving it.



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