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Pop Pop Popcorn

A simple game with funny cute graphics to while away the time. With your finger as the flame, pop all of the kernels on screen, but don't let them burn! Excellent if you're bored and a great way to let little kids entertain themselves.

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"Some of our favorite Android applications include the Pop Pop Popcorn game, Last.FM (pictured), and Google Voice." - LAPTOP Magazine

"This is cute and silly. My almost-two-year-old loves this one. Get this one on his recommendation." - Gamertell Review - Android games and apps roundup for the T-Mobile G1 phone

"The graphics are cartoony looking and the animations are pretty funny." ... "This game is entertaining and unique. Thumbs up." - Android App review source

"My 3 yr old loves it. Thinks its funny when she burns the popcorn" - J in Market

"A simply addictive time killer." - C in Market

"Can't get this away from my 13 year old friends hey they love it!... lots of fun" - K in Market

"...annoyingly addictive!" - S in Market

"The little popcorns are cute :)" - B in Market




supported and known issues

phones and OS

This app works on all current Android OS and HVGA/WVGA phones (G1, Nexus One, Droid) as well as QVGA (Tattoo).

known issues

On the Android OS, silent mode won't affect game volume! Make sure you have media volume off if you don't want people hearing you pop the popcorn.



1. How do I turn off the sound?

Press the Menu button > Settings > Mute. Or just hit the down volume button repeatedly while the game is running.

2.Is it possible to get a perfect score?

Yes, though it gets harder with the higher difficulty levels.


major version updates


Added difficulty levels, volume control, vibrations. Improved score sharing method. (3/2010)


Initial version released. (10/2008)

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