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Popcorn 2: Pop Pop Away

Here's the sequel to our popular Pop Pop Popcorn game. Popcorn 2: Pop Pop Away brings more fun and cute than you can shake a stick at. Using your finger as a flame, pop your way through multiple levels and earn different trophies. Watch out for burning things, or you may have to start over!

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supported and known issues

phones and OS

This app works on all current Android OS and HVGA/WVGA phones (G1, Nexus One, Droid) as well as QVGA (Tattoo).

known issues

On the Android OS, silent mode won't affect game volume! Make sure you have media volume off if you don't want people hearing you pop the popcorn. Or, turn off sound on the options screen.



1. How do I turn off the sound?

From the game's home screen, go to Options, and mute.

2. How do I earn trophies?

You get trophies by doing certain kinds of activities in the game. As a hint, the main categories are: Infinity, Total Popped, Specials, and Flame Skills.


major version updates


Initial version released. (5/2010)


Some of the sound effects were sourced from The Freesound Project, originally created by CGEffex and Pogotron.

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