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Shake Awake

A must-have and the original Shake Awake app.

It's annoying when the screen lock comes on after you've made a call and need to access the dial pad (i.e. entering a password for a conference call or a menu option when calling customer service) or open another application. Shake Awake makes sure your phone is ready for you when you need to do more than just listen and talk during a call.

Note: development has paused for this app

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"One of Android's annoyances ... is lack of easy access to the keypad when you're on a call. ... Shake Awake is here to fix that annoyance ..." - Lifehacker - One Dozen Super-Useful (and Free!) Android Apps

"Essential tool for "waking up" the screen during a phone call. Without it, the dial pad is useless during a call." - Brian, My G1 blog post

"I don't understand why Google does not pay Maplekey a lot and put this in Android. Great job." - S in Market

"This is a must have for the G-1 ..." - N in Market

"One of the reasons I didn't like the g1 is because it locked while I was on the phone. This app fixes that, excellent! *****" - B in Market


supported and known issues

phones and OS

This app was written to work on Android OS versions 1.1 and 1.5 (cupcake), but has not been updated to work on more recent builds.

known issues

For more recent unsupported Android OS builds, there may be force close issues.



1. Why doesn't my phone wake up when I shake it?

Shake Awake only works while you're on a call. This is largely because of faq #2, but also because using it to unlock the phone in general is completely insecure. If you really don't care about security, we could set it up so that after your phone goes to sleep, you can unlock the phone by hitting a button and then giving it a shake. Send an email if you're interested.

2. Why does the screen only go to dim instead of all the way off?

With the way that Android currently works (at least on the G1), if the screen turns off, the motion sensors also turn off. To save on battery, Shake Awake does let the screen go as dim as possible (especially if you have the cheek guard enabled). This question has been brought up in the developers forum (here)

3. Can you bring up the dial pad when I shake?

A dial pad could be brought up, but it would be associated with a new call instead of the current call and that's probably not what you want. See more information in the dev forum (here). Looks like we'll have to wait for the next version of Android and you'd have to use a custom dialer. In the meantime, you can disable the cheek guard and Shake Awake will keep the dialer screen visible.

4. Why does it go to the Shake Awake menu screen instead of the dialer screen when I shake it awake?

This means that you didn't actually exit the Shake Awake application. While you have the Shake Awake application open, press the return key (curved arrow back) and NOT the home key. The next time you're on a call and wake up the phone, it should go to the dialer and not the Shake Awake control menu.

5. I liked v1.0.x better. Can I make v1.1.x act like the old one?

Yes. Uncheck the options to enable the cheek guard and show the notification and the app will be pretty much functionally equivalent to the first version (though much more robust in the back end).


version updates


Added option to control notification.


Optimized size by removing unused resources.


Used a different approach. Added cheek guard and option to enable for incoming calls. Added unsupported dimming function to further save battery. Added flag to ask Android OS to please not randomly kill the program.


Added more sensitivity options.


Initial version.


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