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Create and share your own illustrated stories with Picturebook!

Picturebook is a free educational app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Write a story, then have fun reading it afterwards by tapping and wiggling through the pictures in your very own book. Share bedtime favorites with friends and relatives who also have the app.

Choose from a constantly updating library of cute hand-crafted images and realistic book covers. Themes range from Cinderella, Farm animals, Pirates, and more. Picturebook includes 24 pictures to use as soon as the app is installed. Over 100 additional images are available for download with a mix of free and purchasable picture sets.

Making Picturebook stories on the iPad or iPhone is as simple as sticking pictures on a page. Using this app is absolutely intuitive – drag images around with one finger, stretch and rotate with two fingers. Aspiring authors create illustrated novellas while younger children have access to an endless, mess-free supply of virtual stickers. To keep things fun, a toddler lock helps prevent unwanted purchases.

Bring out your inner children’s book author with Picturebook. It’s great for kids, parents, grandparents, cousins, and ninjas.

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